Form No. 2.

Declaration of Ownership by Individual

OFFICIAL No..54983.....NAME OF SHIP....Candahar
OFFICIAL No...8/1890 PORT OF REGISTRY...Swansea NATIONALITY ...British. BUILT.... Belfast 1866

Number of Decks Two  SternRound Tonnage Gross
Number of MastsThree BuildClinker Under Deck1373.21
Riggedship GalleriesNone Break -
Robert Wm Brisco   HeadDemi Woman  Forecastle37.28
C34987  FrameIron Roundhouse84.43

Name Address  Date Total Number of Shares
Simon Goldberg  Northampton Place Swansea 02.04.1892 sold 4 shares64/60
Robert Wm Brisco  97 St Helens RoadSwansea 02.04.1892 Bought 4 shares4

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