Captain Thomas Florence Sullivan

Thomas F. Sullivan was born in St. John's Newfoundland on 26 July, 1877, the son of John Sullivan, the first native born Newfoundlander
to become Inspector General of the Newfoundland (later Royal Newfoundland) Constabulary. Captain Thomas Florence Sullivan first
went to sea in 1892, giving up a promising career in surveying. He had a long and rewarding career as a mariner. Between October 1902
and June 1903 he was 2nd Mate on the Swansea registered ship Arabistan official No. 98203, see main database, later becoming Master
of more than 14 ships, including the Gulf Oil corporation tanker, SS. Gulflight. Torpedoed on Monday/Tuesday 30 April /1May, 1915, just
a few days before Lusitania was struck and sunk in the same seas off Ireland, as Master he was able to beach the ship losing but three
three men, including the captain. Captain of at least seven ships we are aware of, he rose to the rank of Lt.Commander in the U.S.
Navy, serving as the first captain of the heavy cruiser USS Tuscaloosa, 1933-1934. Thomas retired from active sea duty in 1936, founding
the firm of Captain Thomas. F. Sullivan General Stevedoring in Philadelphia, PA, USA. He died on 20 June, 1942 at his home in Philadelphia.

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