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Forename(s) Surname Rank & Certs Year of Birth Place of Birth Ship
Johannes Aadnes A.B. 1844 Hoivade Benjamin Boyd
Yakob Aadnesen A.B. 1863 Norway Hinda
Per Aafos A.B. 1876 Norway Zadok
Constantine Aager ? A.B. 1856 Greece Huasco
Martin L Aageson A.B. 1832 Norway Alpha
Andreas Aanensen A.B. 1872 Norway Elise
Aanon Aanonson Cook/Steward 1863 Norway Emily A. Davies
O. Aarnold A.B. 1856 Sweden Ithuriel
J. Aarsman A.B. 1865 Netherlands Zeta
W. Aastrom A.B. 1872 Sandefjord Norway Sydenham
A. Abbey Skipper Cert-3215 1861 Clun ? Utopia
A. Abbey 2nd Hand Cert-3215 1864 Hull England Tyne
A. Abbey Skipper Cert-3215 1865 Oundle England Sea Mew
J.S. Abbey Cook 1886 Hull England Tyne
John Abbey Mate Cert-Nil 1830 Chessent England Hero
Isaac Abbot A.B. 1858 Holyhead Anglesey Wales Alfred
Isaac Abbot O.S. 1858 Holyhead Anglesey Wales Dillwyn
Richard Abbot D.B.S. - - Alpha
Charles Archibald Abbott 2nd Mate Cert-037595 1882 Yarmouth Nova Scotia Canada Luristan
Frederick Samuel Abbott Apprentice 1876 - Antarctic
Frederick Samuel Abbott Apprentice 1876 West Hartlepool England Antarctic
George Abbott Fireman 1854 Harwich England Abertawe
James Henry Abbott Master Cert-Nil 1837 Gosport Hants.England Isabelle
Kathleen Abbott Stewardess 1880 Exmouth England Woodlands
P.W. Abbott O.S. 1854 Plymouth England Constance Ellen
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